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Workshop Program Finalized

With targeted agents already approved in relapsed or refractory disease, a better understanding of Hodgkin lymphoma (HL) pathogenesis and the underlying biology is of outmost interest. Preclinical and translational studies including measurement of minimal residual disease (MRD) will be discussed in the workshops on Molecular Pathogenesis and MRD.

To set the concept of immune checkpoint inhibition in HL into perspective and outline current challenges as well as future strategies, a workshop will focus on Chances and Pitfalls of Immunotherapy. This will include a discussion of potential synergies, the role of anti-PD1 antibodies in the treatment of HL as well as immune-mediated toxicities and lessons learned from other cancers.

Positron emission tomography (PET) has become an important tool in HL therapy. The workshop on PET at ISHL11 will discuss advances such as implications of metabolic tumor volume on clinical trial design and daily routine. The main focus of the workshop on Radiation Therapy will present recent ILROG recommendations on radiation techniques as well as combinations with anti-PD1 antibodies.

A workshop focusing on Challenges in Older Lymphoma Patients will address the growing number of patients diagnosed with HL at an older age; many of these suffer from relevant comorbidities. These patients are often underrepresented in clinical trials and challenging to attend in clinical practice. The Survivorship workshop will put an emphasis on late effects in this growing patient population and the most recent data on the predisposing biology for therapy-related toxicities will be discussed.

Shedding light on challenges and growing solutions in Developing Health Care Environments, a dedicated workshop will feature insights into therapeutic settings in Sub-Saharan Africa and South America. This will hopefully nurture a fruitful discussion on ways to support infrastructure and education in our field.

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Scientific Program Online

It covers the most recent advances in basic research, diagnostics, treatment and follow-up of Hodgkin lymphoma…

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Scientific Program Highlights: Biomarkers

Treatment stratification by PET/CT has improved outcome and reduced treatment toxicity in Hodgkin Lymphoma. Recently, results of the GHSG HD18 trial were presented at EHA 2017. In this study…

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Developments in Advanced Stages

Latest Results of Large Scale Randomized Phase Ⅲ Trials in Advanced Stage HL

One central question in Hodgkin Lymphoma is the best treatment for advanced stage patients. Initial data of the company-sponsored international ECHELON-1 trial were expected with substantial interest and will be presented at ASH 2017 in detail…

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