Abstract Submission

Abstract Presentation Format

The presentation format for each abstract will be determined by the Scientific Program Committee based on the quality of the submission. Potential types of presentations are either (1) Oral Presentation during Scientific Symposia or (2) Poster Presentation during Poster Sessions. Abstracts that are not selected by the Scientific Program Committee for presentation may be chosen for publication only.

If your poster is selected for the poster presentation, you may use this year's poster sponsorship. You will then receive your printed poster (format 90x125 cm) directly at the congress. More details will be sent to presenting authors in due time.

Abstract Submission

Update: Abstract submission has been extended until June 30ᵗʰ, 2018

Abstracts will be accepted via the online abstract submission system only. Abstract submission will be possible from April 1ˢᵗ until June 30ᵗʰ June 15ᵗʰ, 2018. Submissions received after this deadline will not be considered.

Poster Pitch

A limited number of poster authors will have the opportunity to present a two minutes poster pitch during the main program sessions. You can register your interest in the poster pitch with your abstract submission. You will be notified by the Scientific Program Committee if you have been assigned a time-slot to present a poster pitch. The aim of a poster pitch is deliver your key message orally so that people come and see your poster and discuss your work. You will be allowed to show one slide addressing the following topics: (1) Poster title, poster number, (2) rationale for research question, (3) key results, (4) conclusion.


A limited number of awards will be granted to high-quality abstracts during the opening ceremony of the congress.

Abstract Submission

To submit your abstract, please use http://abstracts.hodgkinsymposium.org to register and have access to the template and the submission process.

ISHL10 Award Winners

Young Investigator Award

  • Naike Casagrande (T008)
  • Peter Hollander (T005)
  • Anna Lollies (T006)
  • Wouter Plattel (T014)
  • Carolin Bürkle (T025)

Karl Musshoff Prize: Best Basic Science Abstract

Arjan Diepstra

T009: Disturbed antigen presentation in classical Hodgkin Lymphoma: implications for immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy?

Karl Musshoff Prize: Best Clinical Research Abstract

Pier Luigi Zinzani

T022: CheckMate 205 cohort C: Nivolumab in patients with classical Hodgkin Lymphoma after prior Brentuximab Vedotin and autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplantation

ISHL10 Haematologica Abstracts Book

ISHL10 Haematologica Abstracts Book

ISHL9 Haematologica Abstract Book

ISHL9 Haematologica Abstract Book