The conference will take place in the historic Gürzenich Hall

History of Gürzenich

The Gürzenich Hall was built between 1441 and 1447 and conceived as a festivity hall for diverse events. It was a place where the City of Cologne received its guests of honour and where the nobility and rich townsman would celebrate their private festivities. A few highlights were Coronation events as well as an Imperial Diet of the Holy Roman Empire which was held here. In 1999 the Gürzenich became a site of world renown when it hosted the EU and G8 summits.

Disconvering the City via the Conference Site

The conference location is strongly rooted in the culture and history of Cologne. If you’d like to find out more about the place without leaving the Gürzenich Hall, just take our 5-minute DIY tour on site. You’ll be surprised: there is quite a lot to go by…

Gürzenich Cologne

Gürzenich Köln
Martinstraße 29-37
D-50667 Köln

You can get travel directions (including a printable PDF map) from the Gürzenich’s own website. (Also in German)

A photo of the Grüzenich from the outside