Program: Tuesday (15.10.2013)

07:30 – 09:00

Room: Großer Saal

Workshop Beyond the International Harmonization Criteria – New challenges in the application of imaging techniques for staging and response

  • Andreas Engert
  • Kara Kelly
  • Judith Landman-Parker
  • Practical experience in the application of the International Harmonization Criteria – as viewed by a medical oncologist

    • Anas Younes
  • Anatomic imaging challenges of the International Harmonization Criteria

    • Lawrence H. Schwartz
  • Nuclear medicine aspects of the International Harmonization Criteria, as they apply to pediatrics

    • Regine Kluge
  • Overview of the challenges encountered by the Pediatric International Harmonization Criteria Workshop

    • Kara Kelly
  • Discussion

    • Dieter Körholz

09:00 – 10:30

Room: Großer Saal

Scientific Session Survivorship

  • Jonathan Friedberg
  • Lena Specht
  • Cardiac toxicity

    • Judith Landman-Parker
  • Breast Cancer and other Neoplasms

    • Berthe Aleman
  • Fertility

    • Karolin Behringer
  • Changes in breast cancer risk as long-term Hodgkin Lymphoma survivors reach menopausal age

    • Julia S. Wong
  • Second cancer risk forty years a er cure for Hodgkin Lymphoma

    • Michael Schaapveld
  • A Dutch nationwide survivorship care programme for Hodgkin Lymphoma survivors

    • Flora van Leeuwen

11:00 – 12:30

Room: Großer Saal

Scientific Session Advanced Stages

  • Richard Fisher
  • Franck Morschhauser
  • Risk-adapted therapy in advanced stage Hodgkin Lymphoma: An Update

    • Massimo Federico
  • Can we improve ABVD?

    • Stephen Ansell
  • Can we improve BEACOPP?

    • Peter Borchmann
  • Impact of dose reductions of bleomycin and vincristine in patients with advanced Hodgkin Lymphoma treated with BEACOPP polychemotherapy: A comprehensive analysis of the German Hodgkin Study Group (GHSG) HD12 and HD15 trials

    • Bastian von Tresckow
  • Standard ABVD vs. escalated BEACOPP in stage III – IV low risk Hodgkin Lymphoma (IPS 0-2): the Lymphoma Study Association (LYSA) H34 trial

    • Nicolas Mounier
  • Response rates and toxicity of response-adapted therapy in advanced Hodgkin Lymphoma: initial results from the international RATHL study

    • Peter Johnson

12:45 – 14:15

Room: Großer Saal

Satellite Symposium Update on Infectious Diseases in Hematology Patients

  • Oliver A. Cornely
  • Introduction

  • Clinical infectious challenges in patients with Hodgkin Lymphoma

    • Livio Pagano
  • Present and upcoming vaccines for the immunocomprised host

    • Per Ljungman
  • Focussing on unmet medical needs in abdominal infections

    • Maria J. Vehreschild
  • Discussion and Summary

    • Oliver A. Cornely

13:45 – 14:15

Room: Kleiner Saal

Main Program Poster Walk

14:30 – 16:00

Room: Großer Saal

Scientific Session Relapsed

  • Christian Gisselbrecht
  • Anna Sureda
  • What’s new in relapsed Hodgkin Lymphoma?

    • Bastian von Tresckow
  • Debate: Is there still a role for allogeneic TX in Hodgkin Lymphoma?

    • Patrice Carde
    • Anton Hagenbeek
    • Karl Peggs
  • Phase 2 study everolimus for relapsed / refractory classical Hodgkin Lymphoma (cHL)

    • Patrick Johnston
  • Outcome of patients treated with autologous stem-cell transplantation for rst relapsed or refractory Hodgkin Lymphoma: A long-term analysis of the prospective LYSA / SFGM-TC H96 trial

    • Patrick Johnston
  • PET adapted sequential salvage therapy with brentuximab vedotin and augmented ICE for transplant eligible patients with relapsed and refractory Hodgkin Lymphoma

    • Alison J. Moskowitz

16:15 – 18:00

Room: Großer Saal

Scientific Session Milestones in Hodgkin Lymphoma

  • James Armitage
  • Franco Cavalli
  • Pathology

    • Harald Stein
  • Basic research

    • Stephan Mathas
  • Prognostic indices and PET

    • Bruce Cheson
  • Radiotherapy

    • Richard Hoppe
  • Clinical trials

    • Volker Diehl
  • New drugs

    • Anas Younes


Room: Großer Saal

Main Program Closing Remakrs

  • Andreas Engert


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