Standing outside the Gürzenich you'll find yourself at the heart of one of the liveliest cities in Germany and very close to the cultural district, the main shopping streets and the embankment of the River Rhine.

Disconvering the City

The Old Town of Cologne lies between the Gürzenich conference center, the Cathedral and along the Rhine embankment promenade and is ideal for a pleasant walk in between the conference events to get some fresh air. To get a birds eye view of the town you might wish to climb the tower of the Cathedral. The Farina House just across the Gürzenich is the birthplace of Eau de Cologne. It portrays a particular section of Cologne's economic and social history via the perfume industry. Walking a bit further upstream along the Rhine you’ll see a shiny glass building slightly jutting out into the river. It houses the unique Chocolate Museum with its wonderful café terrace – a very nice place to relax. A suitable alternative might be the Sports and Olympic Museum, which is just a few meters away and which even offers a small playing field on the roof.

Beer, Music, Theater

The place to go if you’d like to delve into Cologne’s beer and brewery culture is the Brauhaus Früh. If you prefer a smaller, cosier place, you could try Altstadt Päffgen – both offer hefty meals and Rhenish specialties that go well with the typical beer from Cologne called "Kölsch". A special tip for those staying at the Ibis Hotel is the close-by Metronom Jazz Bar, which is run by an American immigrant. It has gained institutional status and features an impressive collection of Swing, Bebop, Cool and Modern Jazz – all on vinyl.


The main shopping streets are Schildergasse and Hohe Strasse. If you’re looking for a smaller and more exclusive choice, we recommend the Ehrenstrasse and Mittelstrasse. In Germany shops do not open on Sundays, however, the shopping arcade at the central station is open 7 days a week till late at night.

Cultural References

This collection of links to Museums, Tours and Theatres might help you find out for yourself how and where to spend your free time.

Virtual Tours

Special Guided Tours

On a walking tour on the roof of the Cathedral you could get a unique bird’s eye-view of the city.


Pure culture or just cinema. If this just isn’t enough have a look at the Magazine all outgoing locals rely on – the Kölner Stadtrevue.